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Malibu, California 

Nicole and George's Wedding: A Fairytale Affair under Malibu's Starlit Skies


Amidst the serene views of vineyards and wildlife, Nicole and George embarked on their journey of love on a sun-kissed day in Malibu. Their destiny led them to this picturesque vineyard where their forever would begin.

The wedding was set to take place outside, with friends and family gathering behind a rustic stone barn. The clear blue sky served as their canopy, blessing the occasion with its radiance.

As Nicole made her grand entrance, her elegance rivaled that of the vineyard itself. The elegant blooms in her bouquet mirrored the colors of the surrounding fauna, personifying the beauty of the location. George, waiting at the altar, knew deep in his heart that this day marked the beginning of their extraordinary journey as husband and wife.

The ceremony was a true expression of love. As they exchanged their heartfelt vows, they promised to nurture and support each other, just like the vines that thrived in the vineyard around them. Tears of happiness glistened in their eyes, while their voices echoed with emotion, resonating through their friends and family. 

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued into the night as the newlyweds and their guests made their way to the reception area. Tables adorned with candelabras cast a warm, romantic glow, transforming the space into a fairytale setting. Fragrant flowers and greenery cascaded across the tables, adding a touch of natural beauty to the decor.

As the stars shone above, Nicole and George shared their first dance. Their love filled the air, touching every soul present.
Adjacent to the dance floor, a crackling fire pit provided warmth and comfort. Guests gathered around, savoring the enchanting atmosphere and engaging in heartwarming conversations. Love and laughter echoed through the vineyard, binding old friendships and forging new connections.

The night wore on, but the magic never faded. Each moment held a touch of whimsy, as if the very air whispered tales of love and everlasting happiness.
Nicole and George's wedding embodied the spirit of their fairytale love story. It was a celebration of the present and a promise for the future. Under Malibu's starlit skies, among the vineyards and wildlife, Nicole and George created memories that would forever be etched in their hearts. 


Venue for Getting Ready: 

Ceremony Site: Cielo Farms, Malibu, CA

Venue for Reception: Cielo Farms, Malibu, CA

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